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AdvancedMD Review –

Choosing the right medical billing software for your practice requires research. We’ve compared the key features of some of the top medical billing companies. If the ability to try the software before committing is important to you, consider DrChrono, as the company offers a 30-day trial. AdvancedMD and Kareo do not offer free trials.

While all three companies require a consultation for a more accurate quote, DrChrono’s initial fee is more affordable and less than half the cost of AdvancedMD. If you plan to process very few encounters per month, AdvancedMD’s plan of $1.42 per encounter (with a minimum of $150 per month) may be a good option. Keep in mind that AdvancedMD charges extra for many add-ons, so you’ll want to be sure to ask specific questions during your consultation about the exact services you need and how much they cost.

All three companies offer extensive customer support methods, though many reviewers complained that AdvancedMD’s customer service was difficult to understand and that training was an added expense. Some Kareo reviewers noted that communication with customer support was difficult to understand. Overall, reviewers were most satisfied with DrChrono’s customer support.