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Best Customer Data Platforms:

To choose a customer data platform, first make sure the CDP you’re considering aligns with your budget. Then, research the CDP to make sure you can collect data from customer touch points that are relevant to your brand. Finally, dig a little deeper to confirm that you can achieve your business goals based on your use case for CDP.

Many CDPs do not list prices publicly. You must visit their website and follow their instructions to request a personalized quote. While you’re at it, keep in mind that not all features are included in the core plans. Some are only available as add-ons. So, make a prioritized list of the features and tools you need, and be sure to ask what add-ons are available to complete your list and their additional cost.

Different CDPs offer the ability to integrate a unique list of tools and platforms. This means that some of the platforms your business uses to host customer data (your CRM, for example) may not be able to integrate with all CDPs. Make a list of the key platforms, data sources, and tools you need to integrate with your CDP, and be sure to provide that list to the CDP provider to ensure your integration needs are met.

Some CDPs will review your company’s use cases to determine your business goals with your customer data. They will then ensure that those goals can be met with the software they offer you. To prepare, preliminarily gather all the key stakeholders likely to use your CDP and list their goals, then prioritize them from critical to nice to have. Also consider best practices, such as how your chosen CDP should protect your data.

Once you have a few CDP providers that align with your budget, offer the tools and features you need, and can help stakeholders achieve your goals, it’s time to formalize your selection. Look at past customer reviews to select the best provider for you. Then, to formalize your decision, reach out and schedule a meeting to start a conversation between your chosen CDP provider and key stakeholders.