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Best Email Hosting Services of April 2022 –

Zoho Mail offers a full set of features, including multi-domain hosting, domain aliases, email retrieval, and more. The solution supports “events”, “tasks” and “notes”. The former makes it easy for users to schedule events, while the latter two can be used to plan, track, and collaborate on processes. When creating events, tasks, and notes within emails, there’s a cool feature that allows users to @mention others to make sure messages don’t get overlooked.

Zoho’s commitment to security played a major role in being included in ‘s list of the best email hosting services. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and security policies can be created to quarantine or reject unauthorized emails. The solution also comes with malware detection capabilities and allows administrators to set email policies to prevent data leaks. Email retention, auditing, and eDiscovery functionality is also useful for investigating violations.

Who should use it. Zoho Mail has email hosting packages for everyone. The Mail Lite version is great for front desk staff, contract employees, and frequent travelers, while the premium version is better for power users, senior technical professionals, and IT professionals.