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DNR Hosts Virtual Meetings on Public Land Review

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently announced that it would host two virtual meetings to determine what to do with parcels of land in Tuscola County, as well as nine other counties.

The meetings will take place on Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16. They will cover the review of parcels of land that meet the DNR goal of providing broad public access to outdoor land with recreational opportunities such as hunting and fishing. The DNR invited the public to participate in the meetings to provide input on the results of that review.

The review will cover land in Delta, Kent, Livingston, Menomineee, Montcalm, Oakland, Ogemaw, Oscada, Saginaw and Tuscola counties.

“We set out to carefully assess the more than 20,000 acres set for review in these 10 counties, and then retain them as important to the DNR mission, protect them through conservation partners, trade to consolidate state ownership, or make them available for sale to the public.” by auction,” said DNR Office of Public Lands Director Scott Whitcomb.

Whitcomb said the process helps ensure the DNR focuses on the lands with the greatest potential for conservation, recreation and resource management on behalf of Michigan residents.

“We got an excellent response from previous public reviews and, using local knowledge of the areas, made several corrections to our maps and property records, underscoring how important it is to have (public) input,” said Whitcomb.

The DNR’s recommended initial classifications for the public lands in the 10 counties that the meetings will cover are as follows: 69.7% to retain, offer 2.1% to an alternate conservation partner, trade 3.9%, and dispose of 24.3% through public auction.

Public participation is essential, explains Whitcomb, because it provides on-the-ground views that the DNR may not be aware of. For example, if the DNR was considering giving up land that is often used as a fishing spot, the public can tell you that and thus influence the decision about what to do with the land.

Meetings can be joined via a Microsoft Teams link or phone number, both of which are available on the DNR’s state land review webpage. The page will also have a recording of the meetings for those unable to attend. Wednesday’s meeting will start at 6 pm, while Thursday’s meeting will be at 2 pm