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eUKhost – a level of customer support you couldn’t get from other web hosting companies

eUKhost – a level of customer support you couldn't get from other web hosting companies

An exclusive interview with Robert King, Founder and CEO of eUKhost, talking about the company’s focus on customer service and the recent launch of a fully automated solution for businesses that took their customer service to a whole new level.

The company was just named one of the Most Innovative Web Hosting Companies for 2023 by HostReview.

The vision

eUKhost was founded in 2001 with customers at its heart. The mission was to provide affordable website hosting and domain registration backed by world-class technical support.

Since then, the company has invested in a broad portfolio of tools that have enabled its clients to grow, from cybersecurity to marketing tools.

As of today, the company has a world-class portal that allows customers to do anything from checking invoices to rebooting servers, and still offers 24/7 live chat with a time average wait time of only 38 seconds.

Customer service is the heart of eUKhost

eUKhost is clearly focused on customer support and offers a level of service that you might not get from other web hosting companies. Not to mention, they were one of the first web hosting companies in Europe to offer 24/7 live technical support.

Their customer service recently went to a whole new level with the introduction of a fully automated solution for businesses.

The Hyperslice© platform gives customers the same features they would get with any big tech company, from disaster recovery to automation, but with 4.9/5 star support and an average live chat response of 38 seconds from their tech support. .

“Our customers can start a server, reboot a server, rebuild a server, expand a server… basically anything you can do with the big tech platforms,” ​​says Robert King, the founder of eUKhost.

The approach that has transformed the way eUKhost Progress

eUKhost is part of The Hyperslice Group, which caters for everyone from small businesses to large international organisations, offering everything from shared hosting to advanced cloud solutions.

What makes The Hyperslice Group different is that their expertise is shared between the three companies under the ambarella brand, so whether you are with eUKhost, Webhosting UK or Hyperslice, you are guaranteed the same exceptional service and knowledge. Plus, as your organization grows, The Hyperslice Group has everything you need to help you succeed.

greatest achievements of eUKhost

– Being an independent UK company providing services for over 21 years.

– Maintaining an average live chat response of less than 40 seconds from day one

– Launch of the Hyperslice platform to provide fast-performing automated hosting, virtualization, and security.

The future

The company plans to expand its presence around the world to provide content delivery at a localized level to increase speed, lower costs and reduce emissions.

Before the energy crisis hit, they were looking to invest £5m in a fully sustainable energy data center in the north of the UK. But they had to put the project on hold because they didn’t want to keep passing the cost on to their customers.

Of all the business challenges, this energy crisis has been one of the worst for the web hosting industry, if not the worst.

A visionary leader at the forefront of the web hosting industry

The company is led by its founder, Robert King, CEO.

Robert began his entrepreneurial journey as a 13-year-old student in Durham, creating websites offering free ringtones back in the days of Crazy Frog and Nokia mobile phones.

Running several websites himself helped him realize he could also sell web hosting services to people, so he used his birthday money to get a reseller account.

Robert registered eUKhost as a limited company when he was 18 years old. Currently, eUKhost and Webhosting UK, which they acquired in 2008, have over 35,000 customers with over 150,000 registered domains, but back then they had no plans for success. It felt good to him.

Advice for future leaders. who want to succeed in the market

The fear of failure often reduced enjoyment and slowed down innovation, whether it was because the company website needed to look better, marketing campaigns weren’t working, or infrastructure requirements weren’t working.

Quickly realizing that failures are part of a business (and life) and that they only show that you are moving forward and can learn from them, the excitement quickly returned and now, instead of failure, the company sees it as a teacher and advance. .