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Now: Looking at the November midterms, Biden will hit a third battleground state this week

what to expect on wednesday

In the past, portrait reveals have been an opportunity for former presidents and their spouses to meet with members of their administration and White House staff, some of whom they may not have seen in years…

It will be the first time Michelle Obama has returned to the White House since her family moved.

Some former Obama administration officials in attendance include former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, now US ambassador to Japan; former senior counsel David Axelrod; former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius; and former United States Attorney General Eric Holder…

Because right now?

It is unclear why Obama’s portrait unveiling at the White House is taking place now, more than five years after the end of his second term. In his time in office, Trump did not host White House events for Obama, whom he had bitterly attacked for years, including the leadership of the “birther” movement that had baselessly accused Obama of not having been born in the United States. . It was perhaps an unsurprising break from tradition for a president who broke dozens of other longstanding norms. Trump, who has long spread unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, also did not attend Biden’s inauguration last January.