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Reviewing the mechanics and decisions of Zach Wilson vs. Pats

New York Jets loss to New England movie review: Zach Wilson sputters, Garrett Wilson shines, defense thrives once again

The New York Jets were on an impressive four-game winning streak, with a long-awaited division win against the Dolphins and a trio of road wins in tough spots: Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Denver.

The Jets were looking to put the icing on the cake with a home win against the hated New England Patriots. A win over New England would push their record to an impressive 6-2, putting them in a great position to make the playoffs.

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A loss before hosting the Super Bowl favorites Buffalo Bills would surely hurt. They could still be expected to make the playoffs, but the Jets wouldn’t be in such a prime position to make it.

More important than all the playoff talk, the Jets owed the Patriots a beating after 12 straight losses, including the most recent loss, in which the Patriots upped the score to 54-13.

The coaches, the players and the stadium were packed.

But the Jets failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

Brutally, the loss fell almost squarely on the shoulders of the Jets’ most important player, Zach Wilson.

While general manager Joe Douglas has crafted a roster that is legitimately poised to contend for the playoffs and maybe even more so in future seasons, noone of them matters if they can’t figure out the quarterback position.

And so far, Wilson has made no progress since the end of his 2021 campaign. If anything, he has shown regression.

We break down the in-game movie to reveal what really happened against New England.

  • How bad was Zach Wilson?
  • Who else was to blame for the loss?
  • Are there any positive aspects to take away?

all that and much more is broken down in this edition of Blewett’s Blitz!

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Members-Only Jets-Patriots Movie Breakdown

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