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Second Web Hosting Provider Quits Kiwi Farms Harassment Site | National

NEW YORK (AP) — A Russia-based provider cut off web protection services to Kiwi Farms on Monday, becoming the second provider in two days to drop the notorious stalking and harassment site and make it inaccessible on the public Internet.

DDoS-Guard said it doesn’t have to decide whether sites break laws, and typically only restricts access to a site in cases like receiving a court order to do so. However, the company said this time it acted after receiving “multiple” complaints.

“Having analyzed the content of the site, we decided to cancel DDoS protection services” for a version of the Kiwi Farms site with a Russian .ru domain name, the company said. The .ru site, registered in mid-July, had been working intermittently after Cloudfare discontinued services on Saturday.

The site, created and operated by 29-year-old Joshua Conner Moon, has been a hotbed for ruthless harassment and doxing of transgender people, feminists and people of color.

The Kiwi Farms takedown (both providers protect websites from distributed denial of service and other attacks) followed a fierce campaign of outrage led by transgender Canadian Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti.

Cloudfare CEO Matthew Prince said in a blog post on Saturday that he was concerned about the free speech implications of effectively removing Kiwi Farms, a sea change after earlier in the week defending his decision not to disrupt the forum. . But he said the escalation of targeted threats at the site created an “immediate threat to human life” of dimensions his company had never seen.

Sorrenti, who calls herself “Keffals” online, fled her home in Canada last month, only for online stalkers to find her in Northern Ireland and escalate their harassment.

On Monday, Sorrenti tweeted that he would have a final update on the campaign against Kiwi Farms.

It was unclear whether Kiwi Farms would try to find another service provider or whether its users might start meeting in a new forum.

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