Top Rated Web Hosting Providers

The 14 Best Web Hosting Services of 2023

There are thousands of web hosting providers out there. One company, Newfold (formerly known as Endurance International Group), sells web hosting under nearly 100 different brand names. In many ways, standard rate web hosting is as generic as it gets. Almost all of these web hosting providers offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Some offer the ability to resell their services. Many offer a free SSL certificate.

Be warned: almost all hosting providers in this category lure customers with a very low entry-level fee. But there are often two critical pitfalls in that fee. First of all, the quoted fee is usually a monthly fee, but the hosting service bills per year (or even multiple years). So while you may be lured by, say, a $3 a month fee, you may be facing a $144 bill, because you were required to pay up front for four years to get the discount. Second, upon renewal, most hosting providers increase the initial fee considerably. So even though you signed up for $3 per month, you may be asked to pay up to $10 per month just to keep your site up and running.

We are always cautious with these types of hosting plans because migrating them can be time consuming, expensive and difficult.